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that the animal heat is in proportion to the quantity of red

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recommended, on various grounds, as substitutes fpr the sulphate. The

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st! Itcrj from this cause, I have never, therefore, proceeded further with

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tion of the body. It may l>e used also in ohstinate aphthous incruata-

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impregnated with effluvia, the general effect of which on the system is

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junction with a diet of animal food and the cruciferse, exercise, the warm

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certain cases of pernicious fever, where it is of the utmost importance

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it during labor, it very much increased the intensity of the contrac-

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even more imperious in their demands for relief, aa angina ptH^taris, go*-

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appearance in June, and continues till nearly the end of Oc-

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fruitless expense. Often, too often, does he do so either from

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about equally susceptible both as to survivorship and survival time

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methods, it must be recollected that the peculiar character of the motion

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Animals. CFj female mice (Carworth Farms, New York City,

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when enfeebled, and exposed to the excessive production of mucus in

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In hysteria^ in almost all its forms, assafetida is a most valuable rem-

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ful, particularly in combination with remedies more especially addreaaed

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moral faculties, a dry atmosphere is always beneficial. When

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acetic acid and water. It should evaporate wholly on exposure, and

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Perhaps, under these circumstances, no one agent is so efficient as elec-

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the bulk of the spleen. This view of it was taken by Piorry, but has

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not so well, so easily, and so safely bring about by any me-

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It has likewise been brought forward as an argument

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disulpliate and sulphate of qutnia, by the other sulphate and bisulphate,

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alterations sur la peau ? . . . C'cst sous ce rapport que les frictions seches

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to {b\ at once, and the general powers of the system to give way with

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JL ^ ^wsr'Stxszij Muoii Kjc^. iimm ':aiic in», xiunrtrnm iS-jmrintwirar^ ytrltwmmA wxa

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ministration impossible, or when they have failed after trial, recourse may

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greater density is well known to every boy, by his body being

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Impurities, The commercial carbonate of lead is very often adulter-

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tonics may prove not only stimulant but positively strengthening, pni* I

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venient method of simply dissolving the oil in water. When the oil and

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has been already noticed, (p. 55.) They are there alluded

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same line, and of the same height. The solidity of the

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sulphate of quinia, undiluted, upon a surface deprived of the cuticle, is apt

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ing ; therefore bread that is not too much purged of it is

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deteriorates by keeping, and at length becomes inert. It has a pene-

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aid of parental authority to enforce his unalterable decree.

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in this state, it should be diluted with some warm water.

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a self-satisfied feeling of superiority, the one over

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let you know if her mistress has been lately at the water clo-

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