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to Treatment" (appearing in full on page 84). In the discussion G. I.

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film, a severe infection is indicated. So far as I know, there have

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case the same bacillus was found in the blood during the first

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wounds of the neck. Still more extensive paralysis as a result

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strength, but was able to attend to her duties until

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were found to occur. For months the hospital wards were

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Agricultural Station, Lafayette, Indiana. This method shoidd not

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ing somewhat turbid. The sediment was composed of urate

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connexion with my own work on calcium as an agent for promoting and citric acid as an

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Mitchell, James Thomas Univ. N. Y., '91 Middletown.

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already borne good fruition. We may simply mention in

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tern side of the Wind River range and those of Jackson's

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irritation long continued. For example, we may tell a patient

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well developed lad, above the average for his years in develop-

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taught patients to increase pressure in the lower esopha-

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illustrated by a preparation in which the aneurism had perforated the parietes,

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may send forward another ambulance to take its place; or the

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Collins, M.D., a pioneer in the field of neurology.

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or two cities in our own country have adopted them, and New Orleans

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true pathology, is more likely to be due to the prolonged maintenance

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age 1^ years. Influenza ; profuse right otorrhoea two weeks, neither swelling,

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and extension weight of nine pounds ; raising foot of

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Pennsylvania; Chief Clinical Assistant in Bronchoscopy and


In great ones the he-at is dispersed, and there is no good diV

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often announced before; but Dr. Doyen has not taken the risk of

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respiration-rate with dyspnoea signifies pulmonary disease. Eapid breath-

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entrance, a fresh aperture may be made, but where it can be

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side of the hut. By noon of the appointed day the place was