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they definitely shortened the coagulation time, they never brought that

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automatic motor of the circulation. It can alone accommodate itself

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year, but no recurrence in the third year; (3) those with recurrence

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recurs in influenza, in the later stages of consumption, and in patients

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the left, the sac obstructs the pulmonary artery, tending to produce

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further enjoined that service at the shrine of Venus may be rendered

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1. Lewis. T„ While, P. D.. and Meakins, John: The Susceptible Region in

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swelling of the connective tissues. As pieces of the cedematous skin

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on exophthalmic goitre, comparatively few writers have described the

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were few or no emboli. There was also considerable infiltration of the myo-

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idioventricular beats and the auricular contractions. When this time

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does not commence this medication until after a repose of a few days,

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and they draw the following conclusions from their work :

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In addition to the depressing influences mentioned above, con-

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Pentland, p. 679). Involvement of the recurrent laryngeal nerve,

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or city. To this rule there are some exceptions, but they are relatively

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Osier 180 shows that although goitre formerly was endemic in certain

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erythema reappeared with distressing diarrhea, weakness and emaciation. At

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sidered as a direct result of the latter. In such cases the exciting

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ing the superior vena cava, it causes engorgement of the veins of the

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ment has no pathological significance. But any irregularity which

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bulge into and largely encroach upon the space for the air ; hence

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a marked diminution of expansion on right side of the chest, slight on the left.

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second injection she had sneezing and cough which developed into an attack of

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become rigid the slit is formed and this (the buttonhole) is always

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of the former group. The urine was negative for albumin and casts in

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tion may occur in dark-brown patches upon the cheeks. The neck,

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the clot is entirely, or almost entirely, a mechanical process; the

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was uniformly dilated and thickened. No cause of obstruction was

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of onset of pellagra. Their distribution according to race, sex and age

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During the first stage of the treatment our object is to remove the

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Since Haldane and Priestley 26 in 1905 devised a relatively simple

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processes. Thus, in half of these nonnephritic cases a phenolsulphone-

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the superficial breathing that comes of the instinctive restraining of

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milk to drink, and causing him to remain supine for a short while.

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first can it be imputed to any obvious cause but undue bodily exer-

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in coma ; the pupils had contracted to pinpoint size, the eyes were turned upward,

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ing fibres which pass from the auricle to the ventricle, by undulatory

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deprived of their thymus (supposedly deranged metabolism). Rab-

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however, there is intrinsic evidence that, during the period for which

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Retardation of circulation contributes an important factor, but may

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tissue. In the early stages of the disease the walls of the alveoli are

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either oedema or lymphangiectasis or lymphangioma or fibroma-

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long term use of sporanox

(so-called transitionals or Uebergangsformen of Ehrlich), primarily

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the food and urine was determined by the Kjeldahl-Gunning method,