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    epithelium, hairs, sebaceous matter, mucous follicles, cartilage and bone,
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    contains two-thirds less of earthy matter than should be present.
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    When cough and expectoration are as well marked as they are
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    1902 a. — A note on a family epidemic of impetigo contagiosa bullosa originated
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    General references : 1. Bastian. Med.-Chir. Trans, vol. Ixxiii. 1891, p. 151. — 2.
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    rable fluid, fuid according as a slow or rapid disengagement is needed.
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    Mrs. Garrett Anderson), who took the L.S.A.(Lond.) in 1865. The storj- of the long struggle
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    Lupoid affections of the skin are the commonest form of tertiary acquired