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monograph of I. Seitz on Necrosis of the Pancreas) . Then there

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the diabetic's power of consuming carbohydrates is only moderately

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It was the belief (1) that the rheumatic poison was allied in nature

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tropic cutaneous nerves, hence the skin is hot, dry and flushed from

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a moment how far reaching such a proposition is. Increased and

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with the perspiration. In addition to this she consumes more of the

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gl3XOSuria in acute digestive disorders, for often this decrease is

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The millions of pores of the skin stand ever ready to do their

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Rheumatic myositis may be acute, subacute, or chronic. Changes

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Medicines which work changes in the blood accomplish their mission

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quantities of foreign proteins, on the other hand, may continue to circulate

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parent that in those lands Avhere it is common, the incidence of gout

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times and in various x)laces, as to the boundaries of the provinces of

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there were against it outstanding claims, mainly from

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About the face and nose they are often large and become congested,

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ready damaged valvular segment. Moreover, the inflammation does

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should bring the freezing point nearer 0° C, as it sometimes does. But there

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has occurred as a result of long-continued congestion, we have practically

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constantly becoming waste to be cast off, the inner surface is soft,

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gestion of carbohydrates will make it worse and their withdrawal will

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due to organic change in the structure of various organs, and are

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pated the disease developed. But if only about one-tenth of the pan-

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grounds. The improvement in the nutritive conditions certainly con-

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When the carbuncle i> well advanced, the following method of

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able if judiciously performed at the proper season, at suitable hours,

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The periosteum, on the contrary, by reason of its fibrous charac-

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Of a more practical character are the opinions of Murchison and

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form a highly developed joint such as suffers in acute rheumatism

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Hydrocephalus may exist at birth, and indicates usually a brief exist-

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much uneasiness, disagreeable itching and pain. It is usually a

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It was not until the nineteenth century, as a result of the labors of

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no marked fundamental difference between the pathological results brought

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