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limit. To increase the solids in the urine is not a rational indication
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sues of the false membrane, but when it gets to the bottom
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the gastro-intestinal mucosa of the fed dog. Taking the gram of dry
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the spasms of the pharynx may prevent its being swallowed. If
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particularly in the areola, which evidently did not in any way affect
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The spleen was very considerably enlarged and a number of rose spots
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contrived for the purpose, such as what was called the probe-razor;
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he was perfectly conscious. He then slowly improved, but when
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Didama, Henry D., 112 S. Salina St., Syracuse, Onondaga Co. Founder.
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Against Cancer and American Joint Committee on Cancer Staging
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ation of the secretions. Hogs will try to hide in the bedding. In the
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late acting assistant surgeon U. S. A., and directed that
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a variety of cu-cumstances. In one case of the kind I found after
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suspected to be abnormal. The idea of these bedside tests originated with
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ple is found in a reported case of pulmonary embolism,
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orifice, and inflammation of Bartholin's gland, it was
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such is the intimate and sympathetic connexion of the stomach with
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In the bull the hind-quarters are well developed, less so
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Note. — The last four diseases were not reported in 1918.
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from that of Billroth. First, as Langenbeck suggested, he did
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was of course recognised that the speed with which the missile
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occurred in the remarkable family series of cases of molluscum fibrosum in
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no pus) were also obtained from the eyes from which
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paralysis of the limbs and tongue in addition to similar implication of the fifth,