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irritation reaches these sensitive higher nerves, they
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1 Rodd — Customs and Lore of Modern Greece, p. 154.
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One animal fattens easier than another on the same amount of food.
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went over the edge, down to their death. He gave the alarm and by and
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may be some slight twinge of the national conscience, but any one,
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psychology. At this point, however, he branches off.
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boiled for thirty minutes in one liter of tap water. This was
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rooms well adapted for the purpose in their acoustic
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Section -t of the Pennsylvania Act is an almost exact
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21. That ordinary house-flies (Musca domestica) can convey
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•506 w.m. Washington. National academy of sciences. Memoirs.
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The cases were most satisfactorily treated with in-
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head, twenty-eight (28) being pronounced reactors. Of these
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dilatability. The following plan was adopted to avoid error as
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eased, and in this state it gives up its fat and nutriment
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lymphatics freely anastomose even across the middle line, the veins are
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ark Beth Israel Medical Center, Newark, where Dr. Liguori is a
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men in villages and cities are derived from pork-eating progenitors,
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gative for cattle and sheep. Given just before calving
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