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between times, because in hyperchlorhydria the motility of the stomach
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part, and the rule is that pressure produces the maximimi amount
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view was naturally suggested by the failure to find any unmistakable
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uncertain. It surely is not due to the simple retention in the blood
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ated with wasting of the organ and reduction of its size. On the other
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should be remembered that in many cases of hajmorrhagia
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Woodhouse Braine are acting as honorary secretaries to the
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terminal, and that it, is unaccompanied by cyanosis.
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has been Pathologist to St. George's Hospital for several
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exhibited are mostly landscapes, suggestive of holiday and
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but instead only in so-called "temperate" climates, and constitutes an-
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due to lead-poisoning, this diagnosis being further confirmed by recov-
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Wellington there are no fewer than six " sides," the players
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I treated a patient once whose only trouble was a chronic discharge
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Treatment. — Our remarks on treatment will be brief, because I
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stands out prominently. The arm cannot, as a rule, be raised above
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be recommended to all who need a guide for laboratory work.
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Barnes, M.D.; Henry HANDyoRD, M.D. Ronorary Secretaries:
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ping of the kidney region, both anteriorly and posteriorly, should be
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tic incompetence may be readily compensated for by increased
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Future Meetings. — It was resolved that the autumnal
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by Messrs. Percival and Co., King Street, Covent Garden.
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neuroses. Chorea, liowever, forms an exception, as demon-
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of Koch's lymph combined with surgical measures, and his
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riNtnl. 'I'hc sufferers show plainly enough by doubling themselves
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Society consequently met under a great shadow. Dr. Hadden
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tion characterised by a special set of morbid phenomena. He
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mique)," a class of cases which had been previously confused
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f<*w words. Sul>jective pains, on tlic otlicr hand, are described with
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that before reaching the borders of healthy tissue the latter begins to
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cinated persons, one inefficiently operated on five years back,
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Thus, carnivora have much less bulky movements of the bowels and
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" Sur les Parasites du Cancer," ' does not appear to be ready