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    become emboli, which are carried into the pulmonary circulation. Second,

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    Lustnau is only a ten minutes' drive away from TiilDingen, and almost

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    General Hospitals in Vir- Apr. 1863— Aug. 1863, S

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    Askinass and Caspari have shown that Becquerel's and Curie's rays have

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    essential to all classes, the rich and the poor alike.

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    mopolitan of all the tissues of the body, visiting every part, bearing to

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    extractor, adapted, in his opinion, to supersede the forceps — being free from

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    the medical curricidum shall be lengthened to five years,

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    ness, usually accompanied with slow stertorous breathing. The patient,

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    increasing information to be found in the journals.

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    as the leading subject for discussion at two or more of the early

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    thorough and incorrigible, drunkard, depicted a century and a half

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    towns, cities, boroughs or districts as they shall deem proper and neces-

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    all with his knowledge, clinical judgment, empathy, and above all

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    Meteorological Table for Nottingham ^ from April 1808 to March

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    Urate of Ammonia with Urate of Magnesia, double Phosphate, and

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    siderable confusion has arisen, but it is more gener-

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    the charge, gives no evidence in proof, produces Dr.

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    tried at first, but with inconsiderable success. It is true the oedema

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    pleasure ; (7) a change of climate, to a better one if pos-

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    with ms. note: "Mass Med Soc Left this all out from

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    and to allay the dryness and irritation of the throat, a mucilaginous liquid,

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    hospitals in Manila as operating surgeon. Ten A^ears

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    w a ae M^i^^y reports a case of latent phthisis in a man ayed seventy-

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    the American Medical Association, but was taken ill and

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    much compressed by the instrument. In the case of spongy or edematous

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    for examination for carriers over the old methods of

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    and useless to memorize. On the othCT hand, students should have

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    number of such holes at different spots. Or the mere spreading of a putrid

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    considerable quantity ; for during its reduction to powder no trace of carbonic

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    present during the last three or four days of her life. This was

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    Some very practical advice had been given by Burkardt, of