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The Wassermann reaction was positive in both blood serum and spinal fluid,

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The frequency of premature birth has been especially remarked by

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Pellagrin 529, with whom Pellagrin 508 boarded, Mr. H. L., aged 23, developed

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manipulation. The advantages of having the pipet of a larger capacity

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Meeting of Am. Soc. for the Advancement of Clin. Investigations, Washington,

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etc., of the country under observation ; and lastly, with other maps of

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90. Curling: Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, vol. xxxiii., p. 303.

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be continuous or intermittent. («) The continuous pain is generally

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myxcedema might be due to the simple absorption of thyroid juice,

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include attacks of edema (Periods 1 and 4a) than in the two normal

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prominent eyes and thick, red lip>s. The veins of the neck, chest,

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observed the case of a gentleman, aged fifty-three, in whom symptoms

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in her previous admissions in the spring of 1913 and the autumn of 1914. She

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In our cases digitalis was used to restore broken heart compensation.

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An aneurysm in the transverse portion of the arch of the aorta may

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Interruptions 2 and 4 were apparently the most effective, permanent

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acknowledge our indebtedness to him for much advice and assistance

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Case 5 (P. B. B. H. Med. No. 3369).— A man, aged 32, was admitted to

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