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    Prescott, the historian, in consequence of a disorder of the nerve of the eye,
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    and University Hospitals, Asst. Demonstrator of Surgery
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    would hardly serve as means of diagnosis. Under such cir-
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    formation of purulent thrombi which break up into septic emboli.
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    body. Fermentation and effervescence played an important
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    of a building, or of the ground itself, during the progress of a
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    Rayer reports two analogous observations. Lennepveu * has
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    We have witnessed the three decades during which the Council has brought order out of
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    The deficiencies of Monro (tertius) induced most of the medical students in
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    faculty. And I will say naught against vivisection, because I
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    the colon bacillus and pointed out the differences in l)ehavior of the ani-
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    Arthur Kinsey Towers, England ; Victor Albert Rankin, Lamington ; John
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    Aldrich and C. A. Hamann, Ex-Presidents ; The Board of Trustees, F. C.
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    ward. The selection of the officers to be in charge at the other two sorting
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    Mr. Sheard. — I commend this clause very highly. I do not think
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    not recognisable except in the conjunctivae. Its intensity is no
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    working classes from being drawn from the British ideal of the
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    I have used the novocaine to advantage, one-quarter of one per cent,
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    recovery, however, and subsequently went through the Indian