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in another article (vol. viii.), and the post-epileptic state has already been
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functional relations within the spinal cord persist and continue
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end ; which, after they have made use of, the woman many
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relates the case of one of the canons of St. Bartholo-
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and relief is honestly desired. There is a distinct line of demark-
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affection of the mother and i)inching poverty were not bar-
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is obvious of frequent international conference, that,
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medy, which confifts of volatile alcaline fairs, and
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somewhat more frequently the pneumococcus and hemolytic strepto-
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fully dried and stored in tight containers to protect it from air and light. It is
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bacillus, while after intravenous inoculation of adult
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and from the blood in 1 1 of 20 cases during life or shortly after death.
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She has always enjoyed good health, with the exception of pal-
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Talile. A cheap and portable substitute for the gynecological table,
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The tendency in modern medicine to increasing perfec-
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after death ; 3 were passed from the rectum during sickness ; making a total of
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articulation above its usual point, the courses of the ilio-
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studied, 19 were found to be soft, with rounded edge, as in typhoid
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meat. Those which are ripened in the sun, are, however, of more value
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met in Rochester on May 14 at St. Mary’s Hospital
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was closed involuntarily. This act was repeated from time to time, and
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matter of doubt as to whether or not we have arterial thrombosis without
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the parents would not consent to this. I had no experience in
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•"». The forms thus far mentioned when occurring in
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except as hereinafter provided, the equivalent of five per centum
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like), the proper thing is to inquire afresh into our patho-
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In 1868 the new permanent hospital was commenced. Its plan
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adult life the influence of sex is changed. In the third decennium the
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coryza or sore throat previous to the appearance of the symptoms of