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The bug belongs to the family of Scarabaeides, or Lamellicornes of

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level of the highest, reciprocity would be manifestly unfair.

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there is nothing yet to show that they arc damaging. The Mormons have

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3. Give some causes of leucorrhea. 4. Give symptoms and treatment

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persons in the world. The very name of " Quaker" brings up before the mind the

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seven; between 85 and 90, twenty-four; and over 100 years

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friction sound situated about the apex of the heart, showed that pericarditis had set

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on the one side and the ear, the nose, or the pharyngeal region on the

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slight, but so far as it goes it lias been favorable. I

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human heart muscle in the light of modern views, is not very far advanced.

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cortical portion of a stone. The calculi are soluble in ether.

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weak points are: (a) between the arms of the iliofemoral

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which it resembles in structure and appearance. It is covered

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anatomy. There remains only the part which is concerned with the bones, ligaments, and

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did he seem to show any ill effects of his fracture. Then his hair

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an intragastric reagent capsule, a small gelatin capsule, containing a

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pressure about the head, noises in the ears or in the head, tenderness about the

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post^rieurs dans la d6g6ndrescence ascendante des racines de la queue

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cancer or malignant growths, burns, and appears, too, as a

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of a low specific gravity. In Case II the urine was on several

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Islandia on Mission Bay, San Diego. Wed-Sat. 23 hrs. $400. Contact:

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Calamagrostis sylvatica, DC. Teton Mountains. August.

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120° F., so that the sterilization remained incomplete and

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are in no sense analogous, to divert attention from

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Mason & Hamlin Pianos are fast gaining a reputation similar to that borne

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separating the lips of the wound it was seen that the ole-

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slow in resolution, always set up cirrhosis. A cabman, 42

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degree of interest, inasmuch as they are not drawn alone from cases which

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question the validity of the experimental evidence to be presented

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I believe that in the majority of cases, if proper medical

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the heart, the brain does not collapse away from the window, although