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each unit of every division of the American Expeditionary
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try milk that was acknowledged to be well watered, in
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Early discovery of tuberculosis aids early recovery.
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branch of the fifth, are particularly liable to be affected. These
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lomel and its compounds. We have known persons who could not
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I have taken much trouble to obtain fall and accurate in-
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quent type is the markedly haemorrhagic septicaemia with haemorrahges
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and one died a month after operation of double suppurative parotitis.
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was rcabsorl)ed, but the patient hod repeated and severe fainting-fits, which neces-
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the like result. All surgeons, with much experience in the treat-
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properties, especially as a diuretic. Christison's work on the action of conine
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of June 2, and an abstract of his account may be interesting.
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ical Atsociation of (ieorgia at its fiftieth annual «e»-
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either of these functions may be imperfectly represented.
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and occasionally in the severer cases the use of the galvano-
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from a clinical point of A-iew and fi^om that of the experimental pathologist.
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other Clauses. It is of course necessary that the pregnancy itself
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But soon it was discovered that if there were such a malady as
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is apt to be coated with a whitish fur, especially at the back. The
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tical point to which the attention of army medical officers may
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nurtural (as they have been called) as well as the natural influences
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never having heard of the cattle tick, he did not make any examination in
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should be made tow^ard reduction before applying temporary splints,
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