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in twenty-seven per cent, of forty -seven cases of cancer examined.
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face is so teased and iixitated that nature takes twice the time to do
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+ Refrain from automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine
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ually the symptoms of a chronic febrile cachexia and those of tubercu-
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tion of the bronchi unless localized at some particular part of the lung.
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gitis are those especially concerned in the production of acute inflamma-
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lower jaw. The affected bone enlarges, the soft tissues become hardened,
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lation is usually marked, as shown by rapid, feeble, or irregular heart-
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impaired consciousness, especially upon waking in the morning, or brief
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ployment of counter-irritation and the appropriate internal remedies. A
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joint is usually lessened, although sometimes exaggerated, and is accom-
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the reddish surface becomes blackened, and a slough of variable extent
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alternating with dulness and feeble or absent respiration in the same
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depressed, and there is some fever, but usually neither diarrhosa nor con-
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with antipyrin may be used with advantage. During this reactionary
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pneumonia, pleurisy, pericarditis, or peritonitis occurs. The broncho-
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above mentioned, with frequent or persistent lithuria in contradistinction
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sleeping ; but rarely affecting the health, excei)t secondarily through
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cation. At a later period, a camp was formed on the heights of Maslac,
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enormous numbers, thus strongly contrasting with the distribution in the
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It will be seen that these are two marked cases, and from the suc-
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origin, the prognosis is grave from the severity of the lesions and the
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The larger Pentastoma constrictum has repeatedly been found in Egypt,
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from the anus, than to irritate the many feet of small intestine above the