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    a cutting off of the circulation to this portion of the brain.

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    a specific soil is required. The discharge arises from any bony

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    standing ; the tumor will be probably painless and fluctuating, and the testis

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    to hvsteria ; and the study of feminine neurasthenia

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    and may go deep enough to cause hemorrhage or even perforation

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    affects one eye, or if both eyes, one less severely than the other. If

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    (b) Under faulty conformation may be cited (i) The unde-

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    the nourishment of the foetus in utero. Then, again, the integrity

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    Eight or ten years ago a case came to me in which the

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    I know from personal experience that deprogramming is a

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    cerebral origin the muscles involved are those which are brought into

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    have been laboring with all my might for twenty years to work myself out

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    Query. — If cold water is so 'dangerous in case of fever as

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    Gardner Hill, whose death was recorded in our issue of June 8,