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    July, 1897, after drinking considerable beer and ice-
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    tion of his discovery, but was doomed to disappoint-
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    Group II. The glandular hyperplasias are likewise identical in all
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    Neurologic examination disclosed that the left cor-
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    the external opening of the right inguinal canal, but nothing
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    tion and public health. 385; the administration of quinine in inter-
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    should always be regarded as the result of micro-organismal infection.
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    Swine and sheep, imported from South America without quarantine 29
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    attacked with caustic. The pill was replaced by a mixture of citric acid with
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    of any general derangement the peri-orbital pain was at-
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    curred, and was the size of the fist. The very anemic
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    flushes, difficulty in focusing, blurred vision, burn-
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    We have all heard of the entomologist who devoted his life
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    doubtless to be imputed to the poisonous character of the vege-
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    and the part which the different portions of the digestive tract take
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    moments with his wife, Joan, an active member of our
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    loosened, and that in this manner the kidney becomes free and
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    caught by the hook (Fig. 6) at the eye of the needle and drawn
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    supplies, we transferred the men to the lighter. When
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    why a nocturnal exacerbation was ever afterwards observed. "With
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    disease of the hair-follicles. The usual treatment is by the applica-
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    as the relation between the nurse and the families in which she is em-
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    frequently the patients are r^arded as cases of typhoid fever as
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    specimens in which it was believed to be absent. In No. 77 it
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    detached officer until September 2-4, 1862, when he was promoted to the
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    veins of the temple, and near the eyes, appear remark-
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    sufficient sum to put this library in its proper standing
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    ing a similar case which had been successfully operated on at
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    is the cause, and in common practice they are often care-
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    cut off the boys' braids and washed their mouths out with soap