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ihe Natioiial I-', lucti.: Medical .\ssoriation ; F.x President

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Improvement of the Condition of the Poor. In this connection he

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father-in-law, Stuart Mollan, of New York, but returned to his pro-

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cells is abnormally low in chlorosis. In most instances the white cells show

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Stephen and Mellicent Wylie Baldwin, of Lawrenceville, Pennsyl-

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of New York state, six years ; acting director of the division of Child

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Prevention is of three kinds, — international effort, public local

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[Read before the Connecticut Homoeopathic Medical Society -.]

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medical organizations ; he is a member of the American Medical Asso-

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although her hair has silvered, she is still at her post, while

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surgery, gynecology, or obstetrics ; but they appeal for treatment

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remained in this position until 1885. In 1S86 he made

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disease be a mere pustule on the skin, or a case of epilepsy, or

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those that are free; removal of adherent splinters would

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editor brought him for many years to regular attendance at the meet-

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the latter, and established the summer home and hospital for crippled

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inclination was for the law, but entered Jefferson Medical College,

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Buffalo, and surgeon to the Buffalo General Hospital. Dr. Park

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attested by the wide popularity it has attained ; the three pre-

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I had used quite a number of remedies, but after pareira brava**

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orable by the presentation of a handsome piece of plate — a silver punch-bowl,

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Medical Association, Society of the Alumni of St. Vincent 's Hospital,

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his convulsions ceased, he would stop the habit. These physi-

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tees of the Reynolds Library; Rochester Public Health Association,

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In the brief discussion following the reading of " A Layman's

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thermometer with an error plus of two degrees (and this is not

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schools of Minnesota, and graduated from the High School of

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New York University with the degree of M.D., in 1882, and after

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high school he saw to it that she was allowed to pass on

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following: "The Immediate Care of the Injured," "Diagnostic and

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Dr. Jacobi has received a full meed of recognition from his pro-

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University of Buffalo, whence he was graduated M.D., June 14, 1838,

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gested the use of guaco, that I felt I had any control over his