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broncho-vesicular respiration, and some crepitant rales.
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good proportion of salts, but the carbo-hydrate matter is
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rigid system of laws which that Government has adopted to prevent
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bad condition of the teeth and the hypertrophy and suppuration of the gums.
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may only be revealed after a period of observation in a
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tate, and in excess re-dissolves it. If 100 g-rains of this
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the nails, and cutting it with fchTars, doubtlefs in
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The diseased reported during the usual period of ten yeais are con*
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just such factors as those which have been enumerated. This is
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happiness to its luckless victims. For such information, when procured at all,
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same manner as wounds in other parts of the body, by the establishment of
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fatal. Acute nephritis has been observed. When the disease occurs in a
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That the large majority recover from their first attack is un-
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All that the reviewer has to do in the case of these three
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and cans, cleanliness and protection in milking : (5)
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it takes when the motor nerve of a similarly observed muscle is stimu-
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heretofore intrusted to them. Physicians in this coun-
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run lon«^er than this, we very likely will have a tedious cure
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another, excepting for gaps produced by transfers of infective
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acutely than those generally used, was slipped into a
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from it ; it is found in the secretion during all stages of the process, but
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it is nevertheless interesting to note that the animal showing the more
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ligatured. The edges of the wound were brought together by
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tried through years had failed, and where the removal
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motilitv. If either the right or the left vagal nerves
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temperature is from about 55° to 120° F. (13° to 49° C). The daily varia-
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body temperature, although this is very commonly observed in
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- the intestines, a cordial, by stimulating at one and the same
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progressively lowered and unequal tonus in the muscles.
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less affected by Narcotic medicines. The first action of the
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cancerous conditions to be .37 per cent., with 93 per cent, of cures
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no squint or photophobia. Gradual improvement now began.
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Infection of water along the track may also be a factor.
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standing how positively they assure us that those of their special
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To quote from the record : " The bronchus leading to the upper
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have joined hands in an organized effort to secure payment for
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exceedingly tender to the touch, their course being marked by superficial