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of cream ; add half a pat of fresh butter, and serve with small
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Common, at the water's edge in many ot our streams. Pole
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resemble syphilis, and were frequently confused with it. He
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are sometimes known as aqueous, while the non- stratified,
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found to be, for many, an infallible cure. Drink plenty of cold water
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faulty condition or mal assimilation on the inside, and Extrinsic, that
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must have free exit, and the weakened walls should be supported
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these cha iges in the blood we must always keep in mind the loss of
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tive points, contractures, neuralgias, etc., I will speak merely
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and diphtheritic substances is particulate, and will
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by the i)oint of the chin. It is well brought out in a photograph, and
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On the following day I repeated the experiment, but, instead of heating my
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it is doubtful whether the formation of these new vessels could
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covered the chemical nature of Borax, in 1732. — Cavendish
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It has proved a most difficult problem to gain any exact knowledge
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equal if not superior to any in the market; therefore I do not
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is easy to see, then, that the lymphatic vessels really form an integral
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a. The Exha/ustion Theory. This assumes that in the
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Several observations indicate that a single feeding with fat has no
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Bright' 's Disease. 1. Its latency at the outset, often simulating
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liable to hysterical manifestations, and seem to be more prone
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given to babies raw with perfect safety in the hotest weather.
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Originally , the founders planned to make it a means of promoting
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prohibiting cellar residences, licensing lodging houses,
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external cost is, I ha\'e to make choices. I don't get to see my
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Scheube and others, occasionally occurs ; and, according to Bentley,
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sorption, the liquefied atoms escape by exudation. An ulcer may hap-
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of subacute rheumatism, following influenza, while in hospital severe cerebral