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    gave rise to cerebral symptoms; the thrombosis gradually extending, hemiple-

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    On the whole, this type of process appeared to be more destructive

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    the eruption spreads gradually over the whole bod}', the temperature^

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    limited to the spitting of blood ; and it should be applied only to the cases

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    numerous. In one of the Hopkins cases, with a reduction of the red

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    study medicine here. He, however, returned to Glasgow and grad-

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    that the air surrounding these thermometers is really of the

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    figured by Mr. Colles in the Dublin Hospital Reports, vol. ii.

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    of which travels on a crescent-shaped crane fixed to the legs of the table. The

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    facilitates its administration, it is not available

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    and but little hair on the head. There were many abra-

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    From this record it will be perceived that venesection was had

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    <4 Bright's disease. He has never lost a case, and thinks the mortality should

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    terruptedly for years to the influence of the malarial virus. It is,

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    popliteal aneurism there was a long vessel, the femoral, where

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    vicinity of the coffins the liquefying bacteria {Proteus vulgaris) especially

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    there. He has pretty good-sized hands. There may not be any-

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    impress the operator and render the method less popular

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    Kokuas who go to the leper settlement at Molokai as help-

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    McKay, W. P., Fayetteville; Tulane Univ., 1916; U.N.C 1916 1921

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    Fracture of the shaft may occur at upper third, middle, and

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    determined? While the maturation of the vesicle into a pustule

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    minimum dose; twice that quantity is frequently admissible. Indeed

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    the degree of albuminuria. The albuminuria is of great diagnostic

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    narcotic poison, he may have been sufi^ocated ! But with what, or in

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    the vast field of science, that the profession of medicine is to

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    occasional cholagogue, were given, with a light diet; the whole

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    in the same way, varying the quantity and frequency of the medicme as

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    remain a few of the old school who see nothing beyond

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    layer. They are more abundant upon the upper than the lower

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    to tell the truth, have either very limited or no experience in this

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    ommended by the best authorities as the proper line of

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    are short and resemble B. welchii. There are practically no cells. Blood films

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    -the majority were so intimately associated with albuminuria and

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    on one or both sides is absent while the lower is preserved, and vice

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    in calcium lactate ana calcium tartrate by a pa]>

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    " The corpse was now placed in a coffin and conveyed to

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    This scramble of the pilots has continued so long, that

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    Evidence is ofl'ered that there is no increased cell count in cases

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    their achievements in science and medicine. Ferguson, Playfair,

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    etc., have almost entirely disappeared, and the patient is strong

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    depends largely on the stage of the disease; when dropsy is

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    the subjects of fever. And to show that the disease is caj^able of

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    The present buildings aflford suitable accommodation for

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    be referred wholly or mostly to the nervous system, and which

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