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    in the other lobes as well. In the left caudal lobe one of the interlobular spaces is

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    of oedema glottidis, the inspiration being interfered with more

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    rounded; the middle and corner ones contract their oval faces,

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    Richardson, Dr. B. W. The Croonian leeii|re at the Royal Society 280

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    tions of the medical colleges, submitted the following report :

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    As soon as the intestines are removed, it is best to

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    Fiat tinctura. Signa. From five to ten drops in sweetened

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    ated : being 1 much less rich in stimulating extractive

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    observe those frightful consequences which its opponents have attributed to it.

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    a series of cases and observations, for the purposes con-

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    ment. Let breakfast be the same as supper, and a dinner at

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    scope showed that the bladder and its sphincter were healthy;

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    Evacuation of hemopericardium and removal of foreign

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    shown by Czerny's dog, which lived for six years after

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    ceases, so the temperature falls towards the normal standard. This

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    of embolic softening the size of a cherry in the right

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    gratifying a feature of the case, I think we may bear in mind

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    given. The most marked results of the administration of

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    agents when demanded, there is not a positive certainty that

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    futility of drawing exact conclusions from statistics that cannot

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    naturally with prostatic hypertrophy, have shown that prostatic

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    a twelve per cent, solution, which he had brought with

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    the ganglion described above as the otic ganglion in the chick.

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    been the result of ignorance or insufficient funds would, in the light

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    minutes from the time that the child took the poison

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    stumble from defective action, the most common form of

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    the axillary glands on the sixth day; induration of the areola on the seventh

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    The direction of torsion, which was similar in the two cases, apparently

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    plaints relieved or entirely cured by the use of Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla. We

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    this he encountered great opposition in the Law Courts. While his

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    ying in the crib, with a rosy, mottled eruption cover-

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    sense of morality very keen. Although having reached the age when

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    the attention which they entail, but also by that which results

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    been found frequently in the air of rooms containing cases of erysipelas.

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    Blodgett, A. N. An accident with cocaine, 282; a case of agora-