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these are first, Epilepsia laryngea, with spasmodic laryngismus, threatening
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communications, but rather to bring men ' University of Padua, surpasses even M.
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ity in the atmosphere corresponds with the months affording the fewest cases.
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• The physician would not accept assistance voluntarily;
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others, it is high time that this State established a veterinary
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cases being comparatively amenable to our therapy. Any scheme
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requirements of such positions. Since the city gymnasia
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of a hammer against an alarum-bell. The bell sounds at each re-
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Hussy, Dr. Noel Gu^neau de, on enlargement of the bronchial glands 26
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retreat ; but we never heard any one recommend that
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cover tightly closed by a number of screws, an operation
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June, 1902) from his observations and studies of this subject has
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known even to his father, and in his own careful, me-
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a teacher in the department of public health of a recognised
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of blood favours this same precipitation, and that to
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tained has been removed ; the pulsation, motion from respira-
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bony tissue presented all the signs of osteitis. It is probable
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to the Louisville City Hospital, etc., Louisville, Ky.
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May 16-19— American Thoracic Society. San Francisco. Sun-Wed. Chil-
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modified Fowler's position. The clamp is removed from the tube
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clinic of Herr Leyden in Berlin. These are — 1. Tannate
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fact, I think it would be a wise thing for the medical societies
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intestine becomes introduced within the portion below it in such a
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tube if there is over 20 per cent, of inhibition according to this scale,