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**The bichloride of methylene has been tried extensively in short operations

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Fire-places; Apples Kept; Consumption; Soldiers All; Chil-

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there are times when it may be usefully employed, viz.

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the condition appeared, but it was not likely that that had anything to do

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resisted treatment, and then; had l>een no jiOKitive

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to confine information of this kind to the pages of medical works

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In Neuringer C, Michael JL (Eds): Behavior Modification in Clinical Psychology. New

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the last rib, and about its middle, or even at the lower third. Clip off

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is dependent on both a patient’s physician and the cafete-

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of numerous protective measures and in the observa-

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fne Dotieoliition iii the ^tdst of aU my trials; and con-

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cancer or malignant growths, burns, and appears, too, as a

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Ivks, F. J., first lieutenant and assistant surgeon. Granted

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life are endangered, and it is then that all possible precautions, hithetro much neglected,

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of the other, than to consider that they are related to each other

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centres would produce very similar disabilities in regard to writing — they

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with the misgivings even of those who seemed to know

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though the blood-pressure was not high. The gastric analysis showed

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five inches in length, and extend from the body of the uterus to the

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the taking off" the sharpness of the child's urine, that must

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the low districts, forms a striking contrast to the ruddy glow of health

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to phagocytic activity ; and things do not begin to clear up in a

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"The lady's accouchement took place in January, without

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presence be as a charm to keep you from evil. Never forget what she

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care, in which case sandbags such as are used on win-

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ture into the ca\'ity of the peritoneum, when usually

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The author insisted on the necessity of making a thorough vaginal examina-

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83. Tsai FY, Matovich V, Hieshima G, et al: Percutaneous transluminal angio-

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infection, irregularly intermittent or hectic fever, some-

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ceed each other. We have now other duties to perform. The day

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both chloroform and ether extended over a period of forty years, and

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Diagnosis. — Since chronic alcoholism manifests itself chiefly by

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if permitted. It should only be given in small quanti-