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    more grains of wheat the larger the quantity. The human

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    On the 1 8th September, 1859, ^ ^^''^■'^ probably the happiest man in the State.

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    by having the hair dampened in dressing it, and then hurrying at

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    time of operation, and the cut ends of the Intestine sutured together.

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    territories in particular, often to the exclusion of

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    ing tube. Warts are to be removed by the knife, scissors

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    in 1941. The average day's work at the present time

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    cessant desire to micturate, dysentery, profuse haematuria and melsena

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    of hydrophobia in winter as in summer. Persons frequently

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    case of a dyspeptic doctor, who for twenty years had a terror

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    be seen, because it flows into the abdominal cavity.

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    gradual dilatation of the urethra until a No. 18 sound

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    Important scientific investigations have been in progress which have

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    discovery was made that the patient was in the habit

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    sometimes grow to a large size. They are often caused by hard pulling.

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    tion, and this does not apply to the dangerous and destructive cases

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    of such a character that no mere pecuniary acknowledgement can repay or