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    frog, but not so close as to touch it or interfere with it.
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    in all cases primary suture of the divided nerve-trunks should be adopted,
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    degenerated outside of the phagocyte. The question then arises,
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    as to your new branches, I doubt not they are all very desirable
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    Mules's Operation. By L. Webster Fox, A.uL, M.D., Philadel-
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    urine, the source of which the microscope showed to
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    Schwartz, Arthur Maxwell. Clinical Associate Professor of
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    last week in August, dealt with seventeen different topics, to all
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    eager for new discoveries on these lines. Attached to
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    view of ascertaining what degree of of freedom might be used with
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    powers of the microscope. They were discovered by Leeuwen-
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    extensive plugging of small vessels, sum up the conditions before us in
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    contracture of the paralysed limbs, with descending sclerosis of the
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    proaches to inventory control have been reviewed by Cohen
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    cases. The patient has a history of other hysterical manifestations, is of
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    science and is progressing, and hence the suppression of anatomical
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    in proportion to its length, but Ruge's is meritorious,
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    dissolved out by dilute acid in the first operation
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    Gardner and Hingston, Montreal. The President and Secretary to
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    reduced to three per cent. The reaction for prussic acid could not be
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    the Federal or State health administration in the directions indicated
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    in at once ; but if the feet alone, or any other portion
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    such a way as to show that the question, "Am I my brother's keeper"?
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    astigmatism against the rule, inverse astigmatism; in
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    eclampsia are due to a poison or poisons in the blood, what is it ? The
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    may not be displaced, but the heart sounds should be heard
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    lumps." They differed, he sail, from lipomata in the fact
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    nerve-endings (palm of the hand, plantar surface of the foot),