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as in 3 of this series, or in the large bowel as in 4. The sigmoid flexure is
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dissolving in a small volume of absolute alcohol bone-blacking, and
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probably the first operation of the kind south of the Ohio River. The
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observation, the progress is uncertain, the diagnosis more dubious,
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or more commonly the mucosa in the lower portion of the ileum is more or
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It is unfortunate that in some localities this question
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determine the rule which separates the epileptic and the
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In such studies and pursuits, then, we must believe
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cosmetic results. The danger of secondary involvement or dissemina-
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eases. Sir William Gairdner placed us under a still deeper debt of
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' Gunshot wounds are now become almost a distinct branch of
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(estimated) to a hundred and twenty pounds ; his stom-
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that undoubtedly often exists — granted that this may
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and which is poured into the boxes, gourds, etc., while melted
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S^^^S^iJ^' " 6jtmtKi tuoJ- 1 in but* CX M.^ '•= = (MM ox- 1 *
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impregnated. Neurones which probably belong to the nucleus
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more mischief by being allowed to lodge. Counter open-
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decolorized simply by absorption of oxygen in anaerobic cultures, the co-
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of the horse-hair from the centre of the pile above
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be seized by an agent of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty
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continuance of their stoppage, even for a brief period,
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Allen and by Lusk, while Joslin, who saw the patient at the same time,
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panacea, but as a rational method of meeting the most important indi-
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tralised; but here again recurrent and continuous action can be repro-
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the cure of which the principal treatment should be directed; but
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sometimes out short a disease in the blood, or relieve a disorder
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in the rapidity of liquefaction of gelatine by our Staphylococcus epidermidis
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injected at the London Hospital five recovered, a very good re-
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appointed at the last meeting to consider " the attitude of the