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Physicians may have complained of not being paid, but they could scarcely
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nine or ten days on inoculation into fowls produces not only a trifling instead
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Gaseous phlegmon followed subcutaneous inoculation of guinea pigs.
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graphs taken of all interesting cases and bring such before the
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18. Folin, O., and Denis, W. : On Uric Acid, Urea and Total Nonprotein
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Generally when the veterinarian is called to attend to one of
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tion in connection with the formation of the uterine decidua and the
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It is mainiained by some that Stimulants have ftimply the
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caused by the non-contraction of the uterus. It may take
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The diarrhoea in this case seemed to abate as soon as the pot. chlor.
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placenta directly, and thus to a certain extent fulfilled the physio-
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The patient, aged nineteen, had suffered from symp-
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and of the limbs on the opposite. In Jalland's case there was weak-
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been increased, either throughout the disease or in its
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ments were also taken : Between the trochanters, llA
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large. These two medicines are also muscular relaxera, like
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with confidence to some aid from both the Bench and Bar and from
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retention with distension of the Madder, that is to say, when the
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be observed in any of the infectious processes, of which influenza
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H. Esman, Ralph [. Lopez, Paul F. Miscovitz, Hart de
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might be due to man} causes, but also by slight mus-
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from the influence of the greater part of the trunk, and the domi-
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habitant i of that city. The disease does not prevail
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ing through the entire thickness of the true skin, and in size rather
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aphasia than the mere inability to speak or understand
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are many forms of speech defect in which it would be quite poasible f<»r
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less, extensive infarctions may, by diminishing the respiratory
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satisfy the observant officers of railroads, and owners
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cases has been one and a half per cent In most of the cases which
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that the physician too often overlooks an incipient mental
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principles, i. e., the best available, will accomplish in time a con-
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Surgeon-Major MoffiWs winged screw tourniquet, note 6, p. 405.