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from $60.00 to $150.00 per month. In the University neighborhood there are

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It will be seen from a study of Table 20 that this patient (Case 16,

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were fractures at the base of the skull without any

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have demonstrated the reliability of this material.

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tracheotomy to prevent death by suffocation. Ulcerative

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and these, together with the pages of prescriptions, might well have been

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Mr. Hutchinson, of London, said in a recent lecture, that as

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reach definite conclusions with regard to the value of

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lion, and that each regiment was provided with a surgeon

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legal and religious aspects of the question. He pointed out how

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as by night by pictures of the horrors which the individual has

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ment by surgical operation. It was well known that in many

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by Kartulis in every case in nearly 500 observations ; and by Councilman

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gratulate the House upon the passage of legislation which in my

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referred to is interesting also from a sociological point of view.

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Technique : — Small or large saug glasses are applied to the part and

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recreational opportunities as well as small town living.

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is as immortal as its Divine Author ; and though men die, their

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the excision of old gummata, and also, in special cases,

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disease there. The animal is weak, debilitated and ema-

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of the severity of the suppurative process, and that a slightly