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2. Chemical, t. e., toxic substances, acute or chronic in their action, (a)

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considered, and demand no compensation by a reduction in the allow-

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selves that medical science has been making remarkable progress

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vations of the skin the size of a pin head, and sometimes a little

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Miura, K. : Zeitschrift flir klinische Medicin, xx., 1892.

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varieties, tending in general toward complication rather than simplifi-

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Hence quite marked irregularities in the urinary secretion are

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when, if uric acid be present, a yellowish deposit appears, and, on

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The pregnant condition may so disturb the nervous system as to

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vulsions. After the above symptoms have lasted about two days, the

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Rain water collected in cisterns and filtered through charcoal and

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9. Belation of Glycosuria to Intercurrent Diseases.

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given to the health during menstruation, for this function in the civi-

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condition persists in a greater or less degree after the termination of

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iting. It has considerable reputation for dislodging the false mem-

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two or three grain pepsin powder with each meal. Debilitated cases

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For seborrhea of infants it is necessary to soften up the crusts by

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whether we view the inflammatory state of tlie aponeurotic mem-

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The reaction of blood is alkaline. This is determined by litmus

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be found. This observation is not generally confirmed. Rosenstein says

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the blood, — after receiving his medical degrees, he settled in London,

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abscess, but when it is a long time developing, it is a cold or chronic

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flammation, redness, pain and swelling about the root of the nail,

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the patient dangerously ill when the ailment is simple, almost trifling:

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pyrexia ; and such disturbance should put us on the watch for graver