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    Dr. Mickle, have described certain special varieties of disease in which

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    Abernethian Society on the i ilh inst. with one of his fe-

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    cesarean section can now be performed in cases with a

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    quantities of ice water and sudden checking of the perspiration, or

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    him from the hospital ; this, however, the boy resisted, and at 4 p.m.

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    there should be atresia. He cited a case where sterility

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    vagina, and the patient recovered. In the next case, "the pelvis was found

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    sick, and had none for three years ; then, living in a

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    A CORRESPONDENT informs us that a case 6f smallpox has made its ap-

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    Complete information furnished physicians on request.

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    The diet of a phthisis patient has undergone many changes.

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    shot wound of forearm. In his: lie]), clin. cases. 8°,

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    ter expressed a preference for a natural death. The ether was brought

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    ning down the pelvis, particularly affecting the genital

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    the drug 'should be pushed without hesita- H^-^^^^^^^Z s^o wl 1 '" ^ ^metine^Ts

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    enteric state is the underlying factor in some of these

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    month, there will be corpses in the land. And again, if the con-

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    effects. For instance the parasites may multiply and give rise to

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