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very probably pressing on the cord ; but, there being no reaction

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tively only when two facts were known, namely, i, the

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The prognosis, as regards recovery from the paralysis, will depend on the

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of fractures. The author also insists on a change from the expressions

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rating classifications and territories then in effect.

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The stone was easily detected far up in the bladder, but sub-

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was also an honorary Fellow of the American Gyneological Society, and of

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are such as may be considered very liable to tuberculous

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back to January, 1902 ; in this way I have been able to convince

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health and strength. He had a slight tendency to relapse

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perature ranged between 97° and 100°, with a cold,

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Howard J. Holloway, Associate m the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

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olism, and that the decomposition, as represented by indican, of the

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Whenever possible it is always necessary to open and freely to

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original drawings, copied from nature, and executed in a man-

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must so dispose of his spittle that it cannot dry and be

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respect more rugged, than those pampered with the delicacies of a

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of cerebrospinal syphilis may give a negative Wassermann reaction

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tinued. I believe, however, that the fluid extract, in doses

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no means were used for again dilating it, I made the

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zoster, 8to[>ping at the median line before and behind. In some

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ing mucii more tolerant of the disease in some persons than in others.

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kelu des Oberscbeuki l.s und des Scbultcrgiirtels. Ibid.,

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character can be often best recognized and overcome by

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In some instances, neither the injections nor suppositories can be retained

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son enough for marked fluctuations in the secretory

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make. I was not aware that I had an advertisement in a

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obstetrics is a specialty requiring the highest type of skill, yet the fact

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form is represented by hyperemia or erythema (as seen in the action

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On the eve of this vital legislation, which will un-

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lymphoid cells in the interlobular tissue about the branches of the portal vein

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Using hypodermic tabloids which contain -J;\-^y of a grain, I pre-

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iy much a mass of fermenting dough ; on the surface were bubbles of air

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William McCune and the members of the Executive Com-

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Now that typhus and typhoid fever have been so thoroughly studied, it

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prostate, and Cowpor's glands, take place independently of one

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opinion that no physician can be made over into a business

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ligament. 2, 2. Internal lateral ligament. 3. Coronary

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It is particularly in cases in which there exists per-