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is likewise increased, and the venous rise is much the same as

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patient has a constant desire to open his bowels and is unwilhng

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less so : in most human families there are then found the most

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nution of resonance over the whole thorax, while vesicular res-

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dition for which it was inflicted, and perfectly curable by sub-

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In the chapter on disinfectants we are surprised to find

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serum are used for the purpose of distinguishing between Type II

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evident that the obstruction to the passage was caused by spas-

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seen the upper lobe alone was solid, but a month later the middle

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draws upper surface; force applied to leg finds its ful-

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tible injury to health. In some instances these deposits only

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killed by 5 per cent carbolic acid in two days ; others survive for forty days.

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sent to his subscribers for $3.50 each. One drop was to be

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neighbourhood of each blood vessel, following the track

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ing through the entire thickness of the true skin, and in size rather

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others are agitated and tormented by convulsions. These

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of a great amount of energy on the part of the renal cells.

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Marienesco, G. 1906 Jour. f. Psychol, u. Neurol., Bd. 7, p. 141 (cited after

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part uncrossed. More recent experimental and clinical investigations

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tives given for such purpose. Relief to the abdominal pain was fre-

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Case 118, F., 20 yrs. M. Deguise, Diet, de M^d., Vaisseaux

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The onset of these cases is gradual, and they show a tendency to

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RKr.ii.AK meeting Wednemiav, May .'{, I'^'.t'.t. Ok,

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diseased cause, especially when the bladder is irritated. This mucous

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obviously serious moment for the child. The mother is seldom

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were not influenced in the slightest degree, and their vitality was

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him to another conveyance or to a bed — in each of these cases,