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been studied especially by Besredka, and is called by him streptocolysin.

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June 2. All grew to a good height, producing medium

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constantly generated in large quantities; yet the chemists have not

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things were, the failure to recognize the condition

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in view that he accepted the presidency of the Class. Tyler says,

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adapted for its object, as will be explained by the Doctor him-

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the diaphragm, and behind the diaphragm is the base of the left lung.

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to permit additional swelling at a concentration of m/512. We as-

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the confinement, and its ultimate removal is attributed

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with bed-sores, frequent involuntary spasms of both'

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physician's oath, attributed to Hippocrates, the duty of impart-

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In 1868 M. Yerneuil had occasion to operate on a female infant, aged but a

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the end of 14 days as it would be just after the accident.

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rence of rheumatism, when operation was insisted upon. Tonsillectomy

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then find, as a rule, suppurating cavities of considerable extent

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of P.T.O. , whereas a less sensitive subject might be given

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delegates from county societies, and, in fact, it is seldom that county

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a group which occurs in a variety of animals and which culturally is

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Evans, Charles Benjamin Shaffer, a, w, sp, Chicago. B.A. (Harvard C.) '21.

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In our studies of astigmatism we found th^t the image

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treatment should be modified to adapt it to such a view of

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quent as bronchopneumonia, although a much more fatal complication.

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rays were taken and interpreted by a radiologist to be

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finds the stimulant effects of the smaller doses of chloral extremely

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the City Road and Hoxton, now indicates the spot where it formerly

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are in areas showing other bony changes. The soft tissues of the fingers show

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appear in the form of peculiar yellow infarctions or as kidney cysts of

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drium on the other side. To complicate matters, there was a

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heart is failing, fifteen to twenty-five minims of ether may be injected

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near to death's door, that " Acites" or some other prostrating

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tube" through the laryngeal cavity, in the darkness of ignor-

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displayed themselves. The absence of change in the earlier examinations

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to the community, and for the serious national outlay of compensation

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the ulna, he was sure that the bone granulations fused with

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