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The propriety of calling this organism a coccus is open to question. Its

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mean, 71.2. In 1893 the highest temperature, 87.2®,

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turned into milk by the faculty of the breasts, without the

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the spasms of the pharynx may prevent its being swallowed. If

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he had fixed on for retiring from business. The subsequent his*

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absorption. As ketoconazole has been shown to produce

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suddenly with violent pains of the abdomen, which twist round

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to them many cases of infection of the 'genital tract. — Therapeutic Gazette.

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Dr. Laurence Edward Holmes, of Asheville,i;N. C, average 94.

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disgust the parents took him away from my observation, and I allowed

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bined effect of traoofusion, artificial respiration, and bleeding at the Jugular. Dr. brown-S4-

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hemianopsia is rare with such lesions. In 150 cases of basal cerebral

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Husted's, with a temperature of 114° F. in the stables, the

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a strong grounding in the basic sciences of medicine. For

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in the red blood corpuscles. In one case a moderate

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mals they kill in the chase, for the purpose of anointing their skin before starting on their

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ago, he said, and the fourth toe of the right foot had been ampu-

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garding nuisances, dwelling and industrial establishments, we have

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James, ** I have often tried with much success. It is simply to turn the patient on the

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creased many fold. If all is given as an absolute right of the indi-