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duced. An air tube, of very small calibre, opening abruptly into a large air
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cases being comparatively amenable to our therapy. Any scheme
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of milk strychnia is to be preferred. Dr. Wadswortlis
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in it all the malignant tissue, and taking up the narrow strip of rectal
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found by Nocard in France. The following notes show that the for-
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divided into a, prefrontal and a post-frontal area. The division between the
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"Maria, did you .take from your mother's drawer, an apple?'*
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point of distinction from the usual varieties, according
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The lymphatic vessels are found in all parts of the body, wherever
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position products of glucose; (3) that it is due to a hormone produced
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bandage on the leg. Dorsey's patella splint was applied to the pos-
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Canadian Committee for the Prevention of Venereal Diseases can best
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tion, laparotomy should be performed. By using potass bromide
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in succession the two renal regions. Such an investigation serves
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Dr. Taliaferro's case of Paralysis cured by Moxas, is copied in the Boston
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am entirely incredulous of the effect of this agent.
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Our Limited Vision and the New Photography. — When Mr. Sam-
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the first operation ; but aa this opens a broad field, and this paper i>
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one case, a single dose of a concentrated solution of the perchloride
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higheft praife for purchafing this fecret, in order to
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the progress of farcy. The horse once contaminated is, indeed,
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"Wednesday. — " The changes in I'terine Fibroids after the ^Menopause
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to see if bleeding continuies, immediately on admission. Any one of
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elapsed before another case of similar nature, accom-
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are kicked off at their destination, which is perhaps some small
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pregnancy, excepting the above illness, and an extrava-