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    '016 Taschenberg, O. Bibliotheca zoologica. Verzeichniss
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    seeing hemorrhage cease in comparatively a few minutes. I
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    wards in the German Hospital, with mercurol as a laxative in
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    eight quarts of specific gravity 100.4. This case left the hospital
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    accordingly presented myself for examination ; and, though all the other
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    drilled by an army sergeant or any one to whom they are in a mil-
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    vomiting, abdominal pain, and pruritus. Less frequently
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    urine, ulceration of the duodenum, and intestinal hemorrhage; and
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    wound surface, they are to be saturated with warm sterile water or
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    plegic epilepsy. All trace of the hemiplegia has disap-
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    life of activity, usefulness, and temperate enjoyment.
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    tube causes distress and anxiety to the patient, and for that
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    cold water, and over this tie some oiled silk. Never
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    a well-ventilated room. The diet must be very simple ; consisting
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    one leg after the other with dif&culty, leaning greatly to right or left
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