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covers them; patient urinated in presence of his physician 10
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takes place without phenomena which denote an}' grave affection. I have
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liar character, easil}" recognized and distinguished as a throat-cough,
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be3^ond the rectum. Per contra^ the situation at the upper part of the
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^ Papine is the Anodyne or pain-relieving principle of Opiunn, the Nar* ^
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and is highly esteemed and largely employed by the medical profession.
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lung, as before stated, was greatly compressed by the superin-
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whether smallpox ever originates from any other source, notwithstanding
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mind as a correct one ; and so conscientioois was he that seldom
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approbation of the New- York Academy of Medicine. Thou-
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In the year 1850, the deaths from "consumption of the lungs"
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cases in which valvular lesions occur in those who have ncAxr had rheu-
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congestion of the portal vessels when the circulation in this portion of
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Hyd. chl. mit. gr. J, P. opii gr. J, P. rhei gr. ij, one every
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the body. The term hypertrophy is properly applied to enlargement from
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portion of aloes, often a small fraction of a grain in each pill, will suffice.
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dence of coexisting tuberculosis was present in only three ; and of a large
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ever a parox3'sm has occurred. It produces a sense of fulness in the
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health had declined very mach; the curvature of the spine was
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very infrequently when its existence is overlooked. Lesions arise from the
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from Liebig, Bence Jones, the extract from Berzelius translated
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full dose of turpentine, and the result was the expulsion of a large quan-
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