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    Figs. 8 and 9 represent peculiar bodies found in the marrow of the
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    vate letter published in another column of the present
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    as a lining for the tube. In the larynx this is especially
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    fully adjusted extension. During this time a splint may be made
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    siderably increased, so that probably the change in excursion was secondary
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    camp, and instead of attacking the hospitals he had attacked the homes. The
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    varicose veins, and of the application of free resection to the treat-
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    solution and suspension all the organic and inorganic
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    second of these subjects naturally includes the considera-
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    Dalhousie College and University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. — .Matriculation and
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    Experiment 9. — Three rabbits, after preliminary blood counts, were given
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    essential to the state of health should become the property of
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    iiiUvlioM Ironi thr wmuhJ t.. the nn'iiiiiLTc^ .mJ ...rd. 'I'lu- p.iili,il,,i.n
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    a severe pain in the little toe of the left foot. He had
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    al)ly due to the .sand it contains. — Le Profjri'H Mi'dicil .
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    agree in stating the cure by mercury to be one-third longer than by the
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    reduced deep reflexes. In some patients these abortive
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    to his business, to persons who are absent ; or he is devising plans
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    ulceration in that part of the body occurring in typhoid
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    than January 1, 1866, at which date they were concerned in
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    natural habit of body, are good living and insufficient exercise,
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    the water closets. The sanitary service does the work with great
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    tissue, although known by experience to affect after a directly
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    this fact. This law fully comprehended, and full sympathy with
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    effect upon the general condition is usually good. 5.
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    In every instance in the remaining 12 per cent, the
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    sweating stage brings the patient no relief, as it does in true intermittent
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    covered, those who are caught should go scot free! I am sorry
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    II. Associated with this congestion, the gland vesicles become
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    great obligations to Dr. Buchanan for the important
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    contagion, namely, may not the infection be transported in clothing, merchan-
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    though less than in relapsing fever. The patient is attacked with headache
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    phylaxieetleur traitement. Presse mtd.. Par.. 1 899, i,107.
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    bust of Prince Consort, 578 ; letter to Medical Coun-
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    worry, anxiety and protracted suspense ; and the connection is most
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    roughness at the commencement of the aorta, present at all
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    persons, very limited. The original growth, beginning, it
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    not only is one-fourth of the deaths in asylums due to phthisis,
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    malignant jaundice. In doj^s, however, hiemoglobinuria
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    patients who have become conscious that they own a nose, a