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Cost of Lunatics. — From the sixteenth report of the Commissioners

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roiditis, solutio retinsB, and capsular cataract. We read that the ciliary

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from patients of the same disease was impossible. Some of the cases

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Holland, and to cryptogamous productions by the late Prof. Mitchell, of

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are still of an age at which development cannot have been completed,

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ducted m mice. rats, and rabbits Administration of doses ranging

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class of exercises which can be successfully used under the

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the course of several days. In other cases the symptoms come on rapidly

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with one or more of the surrounding organs by neoplastic

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amendment of the original Act of 18-53. Now, Mr. Walpole

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man arises simpiy, I think, from the fact, that in all probability

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is prevented during this season, so is the influence of vaccine

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impetiginous disorders. In the prurigo of aged persons, the Ung. Hyd.

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the occurrence of fever. A temperature of 100° or more may be looked

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the toxic action not only of the meningococcus but also

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ation of the pulmonary tissue be localized, as in the other cases men-

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cially, may be owing to the fact that the brain in early life has less fuiKs

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of smallpox, measles, typhoid fever, and other infections in this list

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pain is usually referred to the upper part of the oesophagus,

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murs all disappeared in a short time. The pulmonary systolic

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Glasgow Convalescent Home, Lenzie.— The Managers have

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border of the axilla, and dissect out the enlarged glands with

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On Unfinished Business, — J. B. Coleman, I. S. Mulford, and J. R.

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this, and of a few other observations made within two years, are summed

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through a most extraordinar}' series of contortions. In one attack she struck

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house in which scarlatina has obtained a footing are attacked at

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continuance of the intestinal discharges; or their restoration, if

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begins in infancy and develops into the late pseudo-hyper-

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There are no well-controlled studies in pregnant women; therefore,

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in many cases, as in many of them the infected area

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Prognosis. — This is not always favorable, although, as a rule, it is not

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the course of two months the patient will come back; she will have the

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patient. Thiazides may decrease arterial responsiveness to norepinephrine This diminu-

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copper are less known and less easily obtainable, but in some respects

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It is held by Charcot that in very rare instances an atrophy may be

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under observation in which the transplantation of the sexual glands

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attaching to the occurrence of monstrous births a great

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OHilis caligantibus, et temporibus collapsis, aiiiniam jam prope reddere

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inflammation than anything else, probably of parasitic

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mm. in circumference must be passed ; hut to do this,

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(typhus, scarlet fever, etc.), by having a long rubber tube sewed upon

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birth and appreciated the difference between such assistance

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He said that protection was afforded a diseased joint by con-

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lesion is tlie point to which our therapeutical measures must Ikj

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We do not take pains to know whether or not our patients are regard-

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rect. The ease of a boy now in the Hospital was referred to, where que

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posed that he had died almost suddenly after taking three drachms. In the