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    cated cases of each variety of infection, exactly what the hog-cholera bacillus
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    acteristics have been determined. It is readily soluble in water,
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    goes about, especially in the latter part of the day. It is well to keep these
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    when an infectious disease is prevalent, it should not be considered
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    Peters, Samuel, 86 Mohawk St., Cohoes, Albany Co. Founder.
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    expectoration; pulse 82; bronchial .sounds in the chest; decubitus
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    In some cases, without chancre, the virus is carried by another set of
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    graves were dug day after day, notwithstanding. Mercury was not
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    distinguishable to infants. Genzmer a.sserts, in opposition to
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    followed by symptoms of ursemia, viz., dimness of sight, severe
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    freanent cleansing and irrigation, are covered by carbolic acid dressing, which
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    as that used for inoculatino- rabbits Nos. 442 and 443. The
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    History of the Case. — R. H., aged 57. Admitted ten days prior to fatal termination, suf-
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    have a right also to be heard. The first authority we quote from is Mr.
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    physicochemical way on the cells causing the cells in some other
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    Anesthesiology. Assistant Attending Anesthesiologist,
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    The subject has grown upon me as I advanced, and brought it
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    of function. Brit. Med. Jour. 1880. Vol. I, p. 282.
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    iodic-acid free iodine, which is either thrown down or
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    of oxygen t in connection with insafficient muscular exercise. Not only Andral
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    the tenderness had been observed, was also perfectly healthy, but
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    are atrophied, especially in the frontal and parietal regions. The gray
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    done so, I removed it (the band), and cut off with the cautery 1^
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    mollify the more didactic aspects of a medical student's life. And so, on many
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    the current of fluid, it is readily apparent why shreds of membrane
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    refer especially to the papers of Widal and Stem, and I will limit my
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    tected signs of the presence of fluid in the left chest,
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    ing parts, but no general peritonitis. (6) The asso-
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    a young woman who through her devotion to Christian science
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    " like knives, needles, electricity " ; " like gimlet?,, corkscrews, or hot irons