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the tympanic membrane, thus preventing a breaking-down of
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but the momentary relief afforded is probably obtained rather by diverting
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case of the dihydro-quinine derivative. The crude base was dis-
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properties cause deterioration of the nutrient supplies available for
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both the pot and the meat is marred. The stomach is like
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These are prostration, pyaemia, and septicaemia ; renal disorganization with
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sisted for some twenty-four hours more or less, the eruption appears. It
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tion. The process to be gone through with in the treatment of offenders is fully
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were made of these subdivisions of the segments. Since the
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Again he used the morphia, which stopped them for two weeks
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agents by the use of which he had been enabled to elicit the same disease by
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examinations upon male cases he finds 52 (45'6 per cent) were cases of
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existence than in the past is dawning — the daybreak of happier
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both phenomena must be rare : towards the final stages of the illness, how-
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adapted to the different electric mains as well as to the storage
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Probably confined to the northwestern part of the state.
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further investigation. He especially noticed the ad-
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Rocky Mountain "spotted fever." By Ch. Wardell Stiles.
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cases the bacilli persisted from four to twenty days, notwithstanding the
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and it was not especially fixed to the tissues below. It
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An innovation is the addition of bibliographic refer-
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ulceration into the bladder. Worms have been also discharged
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After what has been said, it will readily appear to all, that the pecu-
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Sternberg thinks he might probably have met with this
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hospital, I explained to her the physiological effect of anxious thought
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•5978(4) Boulenger, G. A. Tailless batrachians of Europe. 2
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delicacies for the sick room. The juice of the clam is
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