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platelets. The fine threads are called fibrin. They multiply rapidly,

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been ascribed to it and many superstitious beliefs associated with it.

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Effect on the Mouth. — Mr. Blake injected one-sixtieth of a

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from the removal of a tumor. The replacing of the fluid contents

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advertisement in this Journal. Union Park Mate rnity Home.

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inclusion of cells from other parts in the corneal substance.

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temperature of pneumonia. It seems to me that the true explanation

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it is doubtful whether the formation of these new vessels could

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to do as he had done. I revoked his agency, and paci-

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Next, take the brush in the left hand and change the currycomb to the

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bickerings." So far as I am implicated in this charge,

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works, and twenty-one new editions of foreign works have

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epigastrium, and it is asserted that under this treatment healing is more

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apparently unimpaired. Goldscheider insists on the relation of ataxy

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other words, the medical corps of an army has ceased to be a

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impression, and the memory of a visit once paid to the North American

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going on further. In more than two-thirds of the cases in which it has

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the cells of the neurologic or lymphoid cells, as well as other larger

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from Dr. H. A. Hare's new Text- Booh of Practical Therapeutics.