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spiration is established. Perspiration usually induces sleep, thus re-
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francs in ordinary medical cases — and then to hand it to the
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Owosso ; C. A. Waldron, Tecumseh ; W. H. Erwin, Howell.
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refraction, which is the keynote to many ophthalmic afi"ections, should
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even man himself. Melanotic cancer is most commonly
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paper with the substance was transferred to boiling methyl alcohol
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differences of protoplasm as existing in individuals, the proper
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When disinfection is practiced during injection, an assistant should
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by his pain. It was not easy for him to hold his attention
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balance is met by colder air coming in ; and so the process
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first, and hold it a few inches from the face ; if held too near,
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useless or harmful. During the past few years another wave of
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It will be observed: (1) that the P-wave occurs just antecedent to con-
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extrasystolia '' is suggested to be due to ventricular dis-
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In Vienna, it appears, all the cases were included in which croupous pneumonia
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enmesh the fine suspended particles and hasten their removal.
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of this lack of a definitely diagnostic pathognomonic pic-
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patches are usually surrounded by areas of more or less pronounced
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of the time normal, or 99. 5 , except at the end of a chill, when it
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incision was made, the knife removed and the opening
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determination of blood, and the usual train of symptoms accom-