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Collins (1894), George Ranson (1897), Ella B. Everett (1897), and E. P.
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theie is some dribbling on the right side of the mouth, and on
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1956. Atkinson, John B., 410 Township Line Rd., Havertown, Pa. (19083)
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J. Gordon Howard, R. D. Arnold, Geo. P. Padleford, and Pike
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to permanently cure patients who have been subject to frequently recurring
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metres to bring about the end reaction (the persistence
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which the Homeopathists bestow upon us, is a misnomer. The great body of
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ments, passing through the chesty and escaping near the
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Dedham. Temporary Asylum for Discharged Female Prisoners.
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anxiety ; then the body becomes feverish ; and at last,
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From whooping-cough Pittsburg 8, New York 5, Washington 1.
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second week of scarlet fever can hardly be overestimated.
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condition of stimulated energy with weakened self-control, like the
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than at any former time. The dry season, together with our
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Dr. Baker; he has come to the conclusion that many of the spontaneous
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71, in the hospital — including only the well-marked severe cases — only seven
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Three causes which act in modifying the normal electro-muscular contrac-
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Hospital of the Medical College of PA, Philadelphia, PA 19129
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Neither age, sex, nor condition in life, was exempt from its invasion.
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This bulletin is not for general free distribution, but is intended for use of libraries,
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jection of some antimonial wine inui the jnjcalar rein of a larg« dog waa
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cases of tonsils, chronically enlarged, and liable to quinsy.
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come effective before the os uteri is fully dilated, but after that
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will naturally be made use of by medical historians and
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food our forefathers ate assisted to make them healthy; hut
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tled with punctiform hemorrhages. Posterior mediastinal glands hemorrhagic.
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tirely of the authors and teachers of the day, its meetings
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which these articles enter. There is one in our pfa&r-
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No work in the English language which we have seen comes sc
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met Brazil and the other states of South America; where
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the matter of rank and pay, consulted them, quoted their opinions,
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and abscess ought generally to be readily made, pain in
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that, for instance, the impoverishment of the blood caused by
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tion than most institutions have been able to give, and it is due to