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    subject chosen by our society, and this schoolhouse will be our meet-

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    without benefit; the hand was inserted into the uterus, also lumps of

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    almost every other department of science, entail on himself

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    disturbances, and are well known as efficient causes iu the production of

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    simply crush the cranberries and bind on with cloths. Paint

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    fession, except parsons. Perhaps that isn't being Christians ;

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    point the dissection was carried backward for an inch

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    macy. It was not from the chemical properties of Iodine that

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    Dr. S. proposed to-day to apply the thermic treat-.

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    As to the rats bitten, the first rat died in twelve min-

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    mon tertian parasites and of pigmented quotidian parasites. The

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    upon bis extended and accurate microscopical, anatomical and physiological researches and

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    tained of this leg, by the well-known Surgeons, whose names are

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    bandage outside, or by tapes attached to the case. If the case

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    contracted ; the skin over the two distal phalanges was shining and

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    gentlest movement, but this usually lessens with use. The early use of passive

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    noticed that the edge of the pupil could be seen, showing

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    necessity of resorting to those little shifts to conceal his

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    to digitalis (slowing of rate, lessening of arrhythmia, change in form and Q

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    ap^ances will sometimes show whether the wound was mlhcted whe«

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    P multocida is a problematic pathogen, though, because

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    from beneath, or whether there be any cutaneous or subcutaneous tumonr,

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    The lumbar region was originally selected as the most favor-

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    in the number of cases of fever that some progress has been

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    white blood-corpuscles in the production of the permanent results of

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    portal circulation will sooner or later affect the pancreas ; and,

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    sj'stematic exposition. I mean the modifications of the external

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    The masiujo'phora, including those forms which move by one or a few

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    admitted of no other explanation than that it was the result of

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    may say, singularly successful. It has accomplished the end

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    usually old, fibrous, and circumscribed rather than widespread; occa-