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exclusively upon the healthy subject. Between the date of the

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and penetrated the muscles. The mucous membranes of the

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of particular symptoms, and under particular circumstances, I have

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when the patient is still in the ague district, the ague fits return

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tion that the microscopic examination is impossible."

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on post-mortem examination were multiple gangrenous patches

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incision with a .sharp scalpel through the skin and superficial

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the exciting cause, as the majority were carefully watched and

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condition of emphysema and extreme oedema. The oedema-

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tended with a profuse and debilitating perspiration. I found him

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Ames, was sedative, as he states it to be, or not, and I conducted

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- no appearance of an open cavity. The walla of the tympana

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standard in all of the cases. In only one was there any ulcera-

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tory alone, and on palpation and cystoscop- men originates in the kidney. With the

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prior to 1868, when the first recorded investigations into its

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The bacterium of tuberculosis is readih- cultivated on arti-

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are we justifiable in doing it at all? I have some friends,

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the disease with a report of three cases. Annual Report, Bureau of

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astringents answers all the purposes necessary, without consti-

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in severe cases the diarrhoea and emaciation may be excessive.

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excluded by designating "Formalin-Schering", the original product.

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entiated from strangles and contagious pneumonia. The

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he passed one dark stool, resembling coffee grounds ; after which,

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aware that such local remedies as gum-lancing are seldom of any

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simple experiment will serve to show the relative facility with

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a moderate quantity of sparkling wine may be given with

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three years I have looked upon it as a waste The proposition now before us is, first,

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reference to the recent visitation of Cholera. "Nearly the whole

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clear description of the mode of operation practised by Mr.

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dental or unavoidable ; in the earlier periods of gestation as

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diphtheria which occurred in the garrison of Sebdou, and states

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Therapeutisches Recept. Taschenhuch far Fraucn- vnd Kindcr-

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cumstances, but also in consequence of which, actions that the

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become as much a part of the medical practice as vaccination.

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are generally relieved by nitrate of silver in combination with

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