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of about three inches was made in the Linea Alba, below
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phragm. In highly developed vesicular emphysema of the lungs,
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physicians who adhered to the doctrine of the dominant school
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that the ^^ medical David" cannot reach any more at the
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five years old, he issued an edition of his collected
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shows that the nerves are greatly involved, it is of value. It is
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extremities, showing the constant effort to prevent stress or
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from the eyes and nose, especially when there is heat and pain
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the difference in dose — its influence in large, medium, small and
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where been persistently carried out in the proper spirit by any
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by endogenus multiplication and by cleavage. There are
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against the ascaris (round worm) it has no superior. It is also
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those with extended training in one or more of the non-clinical
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functional activity. It is very useful in the afflictions incidental
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night and day for a fortnight or a month, the sufferer may well
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of the liver, a wrong of the spleen, a dysmenorrhea, a disease
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half toward the right. Each side was then secured by three
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form of pharmaceutical preparation given in ascending doses,
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curial preparations, they cannot be similar in their cause or
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"It may be used with good effect in some cases of nervous
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said to assume the distinctness of the "creaking of new leather."
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entirely fills the mouth and protrudes beyond the teeth, at
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George R. Cutter, M. D., Clinical Assistant to the New York Eye Infir-
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varied range of pathological states. In all fevers showing irrita-
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collection of twenty-eight cases he has included indiscriminately
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two quarts, escaped from the abdomen. The left hand was passed im-
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useful. In several cases reported it was claimed that caffeine
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a total of eight cases, four of which have terminated in
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with sluggish movement, evidences atonic disease and congestion.
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bility to reason rightly, and the illogical and unreasonable expres-
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TREATMENT : — The cure consists in finding the ex-
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often hastens the fatality than otherwise, if left alone.
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our eyes to the department of Morbid Anatomy for the pur-