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Suppuration and Septic Diseases By W. Watson Cheyne, M.B., F.R.C.S. . . 63

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sac were returned to the abdominal cavity and the sac

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cies of scissors, the cutting edges of which were on their outer borders.

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points which I hope, more or less clearly and concisely, to

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lysed on one side, together with all four limbs, the affection being

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Vol. CXL, No. 21.] liOSTON MKDICAL AM) HLkiiK M. Jnl l:.\AL.

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Is there no other factor (or factors) in the question ? We have

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strate to enzyme and depends only on the actual concentration of

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means in their power to ridicule me and mypractioe,

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centage of 1.3 of the total number discharged. In endeavoring to arrive at

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successful miller; negative for hereditary taints. From Western

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indicates that the glass is of suitable thickness to

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Wieting has described a cord containing numerous cavities due entirely

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Now what are the unquestioned facts which corroborate

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handling such patients in bed. (7) Difficulty of giv-

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our student days onward we have always heard of Fournier as one of

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tail, and extending as far as the curve extends, some 69 to 75 minute

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vaccination, however, we do not find that the immediate consequences of the punctures

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James Y. Simpson, H. A. Budd; Abdominal Pain, P. H. Kilbourne; Dis-

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(Hot on|jthe attending staff, had 'to be handed over to one of the staff

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•589225 Plowright, C. B. Monograph of the British Uredineae

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attacks in the earlier stages of the patient's illness before the block

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mits them to resist for more than a year contact with cattle which

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The filtrate of old liquid cultures of tubercle bacilli contains various

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troversion is in the greater tendency to painful menstruation in the